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Type universal
Plates coating titan GOLD
Floating plate system Yes
Temperature regulator mechanic
Plates dimensions 25 × 90 mm
Plate dimensions 270 × 30 mm
Temperature range 60-230
Temperature steps 5 g
Temperature indicator Yes
Carcas cover Soft Touch LUX
Weight 515 g
Consumption 50W
tension 110-240V 50HZ / 60HZ
LED indicator Yes
Cable 3 meters, rotating
Auto-off after 60 min
Thermally insulated tip Yes
Set instructions, thermal case
Use for hairstyles with volume
Guarantee 12 months

The PREMIUM Be-Uni v131 GREEN GOLD TITAN crimping iron is characterized by the fact that it has TITAN plates, with a depth of 4 mm.

The outer casing is made of high-quality, durable plastic with SOFT TOUCH LUX coating, ensuring increased resistance to external damage and preventing slipping from the hands.

Short description: The crimping iron plate with titanium gold Pro coating is made of high quality plastic with reflective titanium coating. Used for creping hair, ideal for voluminous hairstyles, hair accentuation or adding volume to the roots. Titanium-coated plates provide a long-lasting hairstyle through even heating. The Titan Pro volume hair crimping iron is equipped with a button for fixing the plates in case of storage and transport.

Features and application: The hair crimping iron is ideal for creating textured hairstyles, volume hairstyles, to create hair accents or to add volume to the root. Titanium plates provide long-lasting hair styling. Titanium Plate Coating is the most modern coating for hairstyling tools. This is the only material that offers a perfect uniform heating and, in combination with the hair crimping iron with a depth of 4mm, it quickly changes its shape and makes the hairstyle more durable.

It is recommended to process thin, colored and brittle hair at a temperature not exceeding 180 ° C – this will help prevent hair damage. For thick hair, temperatures of 200-220 ° C are more suitable. The optimal mode will be determined during use. It should also be borne in mind that the lower the temperature, the weaker the creping. That is, the heating mode must be selected individually, depending on the structure of the hair. Fine hair reacts very quickly to the action of heating plates. Even heat dissipation is gentle on the hair.

How to use: carefully comb your hair, dividing it into sections; separate the upper strands to create volume at the root and treat the hair with a solution to protect against high plate temperature. Then place a strand of hair between the strands of the plate and gently move the device from the roots to the ends, apply the hot strands on the strand for no more than 3 seconds.

Soft Touch PRO (Soft-touch) coating is a special layer of “soft” plastic that resembles rubber to the touch. The soft-touch plastic is more scratch resistant, pleasant to the touch and does not slip into the hand. Also, the high opacity of such a layer is created to make the case more durable, avoid wear and be pleasant to the touch. Easily clean dirt and cosmetics with a damp towel or cloth.

The product is certified.


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