Liquid Hairspray extrastrong fixation- Alfaparf Milano 250ml


  • Alfaparf Milano Liquid Hairspray allows the modeling of any type of hairstyle, offering an extremely strong fixation and a textured look that is maintained throughout the day. It is easy to use due to the special spray system, and the formula enriched with glycerin, flaxseed oil and moringa extract moisturizes and protects the hair without loading or weighing it down. Ingredients: glycerin, flaxseed oil, moringa extract

    Application: apply from a distance of 25-30 cm on dry hair and style as usual. It can also be applied on damp hair, in sections, to provide extra texture.

    Benefit: Fixation, Modeling, Texture.

    Quantity: 250 ml.

    Brand: Alfaparf Milano


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