Manequin Head LUNA OMC, 60cm, Natural hair, Blonde


Product details: 100% natural Indian hair, 60 cm, platinum blonde, WTO (World Coiffure Organization) approved.

The LUNA mannequin head is suitable for haircuts, color techniques, curls and textured hairstyles and especially for national and international competitions. LUNA is also similar to ELENA , the best-selling mannequin head among hairstylists. The ends differ only in the length of the hair.

Wash the manequin’s head with warm water, shampoo and conditioner after each use. Shampoo well from root to tip, then rinse with warm water.
– Remove excess water with a towel without squeezing the hair.
– If the hair becomes extremely tangled, let it dry well (naturally) and then comb lightly from the tip to the root.
– Always keep hair well dry. (unpleasant odors may result from wet hair for more than 8 hours)
– Apply a moisturizing mask once a month. Hair oils that can be left for an hour and washed can also be used.
– When using electrical appliances, avoid temperatures above 180 ° C.
– Remember that the mannequin does not produce sebum and if you do not take care of it, your hair will become brittle and unruly.


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