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TYPE With steam
Plates coating Mirror Titan
Temperature regime 180-210 ° C
Plates dimensions 25 × 110 mm
Floating plate system Yes
Temperature indicator Yes
Carcas cover Soft Touch Pro
Autostop after 60 min
Temperature regulator mechanic
Cable 2.5 meters, rotating
Thermally insulated tip Yes
Nr. of thermal regimes 2
Plate length 27 cm
The weight 265 g without cable
Consumption 45W
TENSIONS 210-240V 50HZ / 60HZ
LED indicator Yes
Plate dimensions 270х30 mm
Closed-open position fastener Yes
Completion set thermal cover and water container
Use for straightening and curling hair
Specific System Intelligent Steam Leak Proof
Guarantee 12 months


The Be-Uni Professional Steam Titanium V173 professional steam iron straightens your hair effortlessly and creates a perfect smooth length. The device easily withstands curly hair that is prone to drying and does not damage it during use.

Due to its innovative steaming property, the plate smoothes the strands much faster and more efficiently, saving time and moisturizing them without damaging the hair structure.

The advantage of steam technology is that it gently wraps the hair, allowing it to both warm up suddenly and suddenly cool down – this gives durability to the hairstyle. The steam also opens the hair cuticle, and the active ingredients give it hydration and shine.

The Steam Titanium V173 plate slides easily along the entire length of the hair and does not damage the ends. The steam passes through the floating plates and, during use, with a strong pressure on the plate, the plates begin to move, thus protecting the hair structure from damage and preventing breakage.

One of the advantages of the device is that it does not burn the hairstylist’s hand or the client’s hair during use.

Due to ultrasound, vaporization takes place more intensely and this helps in the process of moisturizing the length and, respectively, in styling the hair, this method of hydration is the most comfortable for working with rough, curly or difficult to style hair.

Titanium mirror plates are characterized by a perfect and uniform heating.
Gently straightens hair without sudden changes in temperature, giving a gentle effect on the hair.

To protect the hair cuticle, it is recommended to use additional thermal protection sprays, the application of which will provide a barrier against high temperatures.

The board is made of matte, soft and pleasant Soft Touch PRO silicone, which ensures good adhesion during use and resistance to dirt and stains.

The material is durable and comfortable to use.

Straight and shiny hair is the key to success in any circumstance, whether it is a day off or an important evening event.


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