2 Balm for Neutralizing Yellow Tones -Milk Shake Silver Shine Conditioner 250ml



Use: Dyed hair conditioner. Neutralizes the yellow tones that appear in blond or gray dyed hair.

Active ingredients: Integrity 41® (hydrological extract from sunflower seeds, rich in antioxidant polyphenols), milk proteins, specific purple pigment, fruit extract.

Blond hair requires special care to retain its shine and shine, specifically when the hair has been bleached or pickled. Repeated washing, chemical treatments, external aggressions and combing can affect the beauty and health of blonde hair. At the same time, gray or white hair can take on unwanted shades of yellow. In all cases, yellow or gold tones can create the perception of unkempt, aged hair, or in the case of bleached hair, an unsuccessful result. Therefore, it is recommended to use a specific treatment that neutralizes unwanted tones and to create a radiant and neutral blonde, with beautiful shades, both at home and at the salon. The product is based on a special formula that neutralizes unwanted yellow shades that appear in the case of gray, blond or bleached hair. After application, the hair remains soft and regains its vitality. Contains milk protein, organic fruit extracts, purple pigment and Integrity 41, the ingredient in Milk Shake products that keeps hair hydrated well, protecting the color. It does not contain paraben.


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